This Extraordinary Cake Is Made With Three Different Flavors Of Bibingka

IMAGE Astoria Plaza

Bibingka is one of those seasonal treats that Pinoys eat during the Christmas season, especially as an after-Simbang Gabi treat. You can still have your buttery bibingka any time of the year, even if we are months away from The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. If you find yourself intensely craving bibingka, you should check out Astoria Plaza's new Triple Bibingcake.

Photo by Astoria

The Triple Bibingcake has three kinds of bibingka, made with Astoria's best-selling Astoria Bibingka Traditional, Ube, and Dulce de Leche all stacked on top of each other to form the cake. This bibingka cake is topped with the staple bibingka toppings: salted eggs, ube halaya, muscovado sugar, grated cheese, and the sides are covered in grated coconut.

Astoria's Triple Bibingcake costs P1,100. You can place your order via the Astoria website.


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