This Avocado Ice Cream Cheesecake Is Made For Avocado Fans!

You can have avocado desserts even when it's not in season.

IMAGE Bea Faicol

Don't you just wish that avocados were always in season? We can just imagine having glasses of avocado shakes and serving of avocado chunks with condensed milk whenever we crave it! The closest thing we can probably get to having avocado desserts available all-year-round is through Avocadoria!

Avocadoria's Avocado Ice Cream Cheesecake (P550) is made with layers of graham crust, avocado with cream cheese, and a white chocolate shell.
Photo by Bea Faicol

Avocadoria is owned by Chef Czarina Jagto, a self-proclaimed avocado fan. She came out with an Avocado Ice Cream Cheesecake (P550), a tin can cheesecake with three layers: the white chocolate shell, the avocado with cream cheese ice cream, and a graham base. If you aren't familiar with tin can cakes, these cakes usually have a shell on top that you need to crack to enjoy the layers underneath.

Avocadoria's Avocado Lover is an avocado float made with avocado soft serve, crushed graham, sweetened tapioca pearls, fresh avocado. almonds, chia, and flax seeds.
Photo by Bea Faicol
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Avocadoria's white chocolate shell is sweet, milky, and is dotted with different kinds of crunchy nuts. Once you've cracked the white chocolate shell, this will reveal the avocado cheesecake which has an ice cream-like consistency. On the very bottom of this tin can cake is a layer of crushed graham, which adds crunch and sweet flavors to this dessert.

Avocadoria's Avocado Dream is avocado ice cream placed in a real avocado's skin. The avocado seed is a sweet and milky pastillas!
Photo by Bea Faicol

Avocadoria also offers different avocado desserts, like the Avocado Dream (P90) which is an avocado ice cream shaped like a real avocado and the Avocado Lover (P110-P125), an avocado float that's topped with fresh avocado cubes, almonds, and chia and flax seeds. Of course, Avocadoria also has a selection of avocado shakes which you can top with more avocado, mango, guyabano, or jackfruit.

Avocadoria is located at Ali Mall Cubao, UP Town Center, Ayala Malls Cloverleaf, SM Marikina, Eastwood Mall, Ayala Malls Marquee Pampanga, and many other branches. For more information, follow Avocadoria on Facebook.


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