Bacon Bonanza: These Are the Kinds of Bacon We Found in The Grocery!

There's more than one kind of bacon and that's a good thing! Here's a bunch of options you can enjoy way beyond breakfast: 

1 Honeycured Bacon 

You can't help but fall in love with bacon that has just the right amount of sweetness. Enjoy these strips sans the guilt-they have 25 percent less sodium than other brands.


CDO Premium Honeycured Bacon and Purefoods Classic Honeycured Bacon, Robinsons Supermaket

2 Spicy Barbecue Thick Cut Bacon

Add zing to your meals with spicy barbecue-flavored bacon. This variant is cut thicker than usual, making it perfect for grilling.

Purefoods Spicy Barbecue Thick Cut Bacon, Rustan's Supermarket and Robinsons Supermarket 

3 New York Classic Bacon

With the right blend of spices and nice marbling, this premium pack is set to start your day on the yummiest note. Make sure to fry it to a crisp!

New York Classics Pork Bacon, Rustan's Supermarket 


4 Canadian Bacon

Feeling down and out? Turn to Canadian bacon to cheer you up. This one uses loin instead of pork belly, making it leaner and a lot like ham.

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King Sue Canadian Bacon, Metro Market! Market! and Robinsons Supermarket 

5 Hickory Smoked Bacon

Imagine sitting around a campfire roasting bacon over hickory logs and woodchips-that's the smoky goodness you'll get with this bacon brand!


Frabelle Hickory Smoked Bacon, SM Supermarket 

6 Beef Bacon

Not a big fan of pork? Don't worry. Beef bacon offers just the same amount of satisfaction. Try it in your next BLT sandwich for a meatier flavor profile. 

Virginia Beef Bacon, Robinsons Supermarket  

Article was published in the August 2016 issue of Yummy magazine. Minor edits have been made by the editoes.

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