These Lemon Cheese Tarts Are Super Addicting!

When life gives you lemons, make a cheese tart!

IMAGE Bea Faicol

If you love BAKE’s famous classic cheese tarts, you will want to try their new limited-edition Lemon Cheese Tart with Honey (P99/piece, P570/box of 6). What makes these tarts so delicious comes from the quality of the ingredients they were made from—they use four kinds of cheese from Hokkaido and France, and the lemons come all the way from the "Cloudless Country",  Setouchi, Okayama in Japan. 

The lemony notes give it a tinge of tart flavor in every bite, a perfect complement to the cheese. The soft double-baked crust also gives each bite more texture. The crust is double-baked, resulting in a nice golden-brown coating on the cheese and the crust.


The beautiful, vibrant, limited-edition packaging is designed by Meguru Yamaguchi, who is a New York-based Japanese artist. It showcases Yamaguchi's signature brushstroke.


There’s nothing quite like getting a whiff of these freshly-baked lemon cheese tarts, more so getting the first bite as the cheese melts in your mouth. We won't judge if you want more than one piece! 


These Lemon Cheese Tarts with Honey are only available until November 2018 only. You can get these at their branches: The Podium, Mandaluyong and Power Plant Mall, Makati. For more information, follow Bake Cheesetarts Philippines on Instagram!



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