Delicious Food At Balay Dako's Breakfast Buffet That You Should Add To Your Plate

You can never go wrong with their corned beef.

IMAGE Facebook/Balay Dako

Just in case you missed the good news, Balay Dako's famous breakfast buffet is finally back. Waking up extra early on Saturdays or Sundays is going to be sooo worth it if you start the day with an unlimited amount of Balay Dako's delicious breakfast food.

If this is your first time trying Balay Dako's breakfast buffet, you may feel overwhelmed with the variety of choices they offer because they do have a big spread, even an egg station and a fried rice station. (It even has a station that makes fresh piaya on a daily basis, too!) 

Don't worry; here are the best dishes available at Balay Dako's breakfast buffet you should definitely add to your plate:

Corned Beef


Anyone who has dined at Balay Dako for the breakfast buffet raves about their homemade fork-tender corned beef. Unlike the canned corned beef you can buy in supermarkets, Balay Dako serves this in slabs with the delicious fat trimmings visible.


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Similar to the corned beef, Balay Dako's longganisa is also made in-house. The taste is on the sweet side with a bit of smokiness to it. As recommended by Balay Dako, you should eat the longganisa with a side of garlic fried rice.


If you take their advice, you can head over to the rice station to level it up! You can add spring onions, cheese, talangka, bagoong, and a lot more to make your dream sinangag meal. Complete your longsilog plate by adding an egg from the nearby egg station. 

Queso de Bola Ensaymada


The ensaymada of Balay Dako is one of their crowd favorites. This uber soft, pillowy bread is slathered with buttercream and a generous amount of queso de bola on top. Ask the server to heat it up so the cheese forms a delicate crisp texture and toasted taste.

As with any ensaymada, you can never go wrong with pairing this with a cup of hot chocolate. Thankfully, the breakfast buffet includes unlimited refills of it!

Ice Cream


Balay Dako doesn't just make their own entrees, but they also make their own ice cream, too! They have different flavors to choose from including classics like Chocolate, Mango, Ube, Vanilla, and Strawberry to unique flavor combos like the Pineapple Coconut and Ube Queso. 

If you want a touch of nostalgia with your ice cream, you can also get a piece of freshly baked pandesal from the buffet, slice it in half (horizontally like a burger bun), and stuff that scoop of ice cream in between.


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