Bar Pintxos Will Have You Craving Spanish Food Every Day

Learn all about Catalan food in this new Salcedo Village hotspot.

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Trust the Spanish-purveyors of leisurely lounging and dining over plates of small, satisfying bites-to teach us a thing or two about how to enjoy good food. Pintxos (also spelled as pinchos) or small snacks allow you to sample and enjoy a little bit of everything. It is, after all, an unhurried meal, often with drinks to accompany the myriad of flavors on small plates, a prologue to a usually bigger meal later in the evening. This is the same spirit that Bar Pintxos hopes their customers enjoy.


It's been three years since the first Bar Pintxos in Alabang opened shop. Their newest branch, their third, in Salcedo Village, Makati has the same charm: a casual space with no-frills Catalan food. "We also have family-friendly menu items," shares partner Miguel Vecin, referring to dishes such as Fabada, a rich Spanish bean stew, and their famous Lengua.



Meet Bar Pintxos' best-selling jamon alioli.


Their Bacalao (codfish) is tender, subtly flavored, and flaky-all the good things you expect in this seafood dish. 




Haven't tried Padron peppers yet? You won't regret it! 



Bar Pintxos may seem like they serve adventurous takes on the Spanish small plates but they are grounded on traditional tapas and pintxos Vecin and his team themselves have tried on their travels to Spain. Bar Pintxos also allows customers to buy pintxos by the piece, so it's a great way to try out flavors and dishes you might not otherwise get to try in other restaurants. Vecin also shared that they have been training their staff on how to recommend dishes to customers, "so that people will know what to order."



This traditional breakfast dish gets an upgrade: it's topped with chunks of foie gras! 



It's easy to fall in love with these short ribs: it's incredibly tender! 


House specials keep their menu interesting: Beef Cheeks served with a delicious Romescu sauce (a nut and pepper-based sauce), which you want to sop up with crusty bread; short ribs slow-cooked to perfection; and a version of comfort food Huevos Rancheros (breakfast dish consisting of eggs and potatoes), but with foie gras chunks.  



It's this focus on the quality of their food that keeps Bar Pintxos a quiet but steady player when it comes to Spanish food in Metro Manila and they sure keep us craving for more.




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