These Spotify Playlists Will Tell You Exactly How Long You Should Cook Pasta

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Is playing music part of your cooking process? A good playlist can really set the mood for a good cooking mood! Barilla, an Italian multinational food company known for their pasta and ready-to-use sauces, has created a special Spotify playlist you can cook and groove to!

Because Barilla is known for their pasta, it only makes sense that their playlist is what you should listen to when you're cooking their pasta. These playlists are perfectly timed so you don't end up having hard-to-chew (undercooked) or mushy (overcooked) pasta ever again!

There are different playlists that are curated for a specific type of noodle, there's the Mixtape Spaghetti and the Top Hits Spaghetti for the regular Barilla spaghetti; the Boom Bap Fusilli and the Timeless Emotion Fusilli playlists for the Barilla fusilli; the Moody Day Linguine and the Moody Day Linguine for the Barilla linguine; and the Pleasant Melancholy Penne and the Best Song Penne playlists for when you want to cook the Barilla penne.


Each type of pasta has two playlists. Depending on your mood, you can choose from different genres of music like hip-hop, pop, classics, and indie by Indian artists. 

The idea behind these Barilla playlists is that you add water to a pot and wait for it to boil, add your choice of pasta, and then press play! Listen to the entire playlist once and then your pasta is done cooking, too.

Listen to the Barilla playlists on Spotify.


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