This New Cafe In Poblacion Offers Four Flavors Of Burnt Basque Cheesecake In One Box

The sampler box is available for delivery.

If you’re a big cheesecake and coffee fan, Barrel Coffee should be on your radar. Mel Wong, the owner of Barrel Coffee in Poblacion, has long been baking Basque burnt cheesecakes exclusively for her family and friends. When this cheesecake with Spanish origins slowly attracted attention in 2019 in the local scene, she put up the cafe to share her own take on this crustless, creamy cheesecake with a scorched, deep amber-colored top. 

Thankfully, despite the quarantine, the cafe continues to survive by making the cheesecakes available onlineIf you haven’t tried this quarantine food trend yet, you can start your venture into the crazy world of Basque burnt cheesecake with Barrel Coffee’s four different flavors. 

Clockwise: Ube Leche, Auro Chocolate, Kalinga Arabica, and Original
Photo by Bea Faicol



What you should know about it

Barrel Coffee’s four flavors of Basque burnt cheesecakes are the classic or the “OG” burnt cheesecake; Ube Leche, which has a velvety purple yam cream; the espresso-infused Kalinga Arabica; and the Auro Chocolate, which is made with the local chocolatier’s 64% dark chocolate. 

All of these burnt cheesecake flavors are inspired by Filipino ingredients. Even the beans they use for  the cafe’s brewed coffee are sourced from local coffee farms, too.

Ube lovers, you should try this!
Photo by Bea Faicol

What we like about it

For any cheesecake fan, there’s nothing that beats the feeling of rich, siksik cheesecake that melts in the mouth—and to say that Barrel Coffee’s Basque Burnt Cheesecaketo is decadent would be an understatement. It feels like molten lava or a combination of silky cheesecake and thick ice cream, which in our book, is always a good thing.

What we loved about these cheesecakes is that the flavors are pronounced—you know what you’re taking a bite of, there’s the sharp tartness of the original cheesecake, the bittersweet notes coming from Auro’s dark chocolate, the chocolatey-mocha flavor from the espresso-infused cheesecake, and the sweet-earthy flavors of the ube


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More than the Basque burnt cheesecake itself, what we appreciate is the option of having it in a “Discovery Box,” this makes looking for your favorite easier and more affordable without committing to an entire cheesecake. If we’re to choose favorites, we recommend the Kalinga Arabica! Plus, each size is good enough to share with other people, too. 

Where to get it

You can place your order for Barrel Coffee’s Burnt Cheesecake Discovery Box (P495/four cheesecakes, P735/six cheesecakes, and P1,480/12 cheesecakes) through Barrel Coffee’s website. You can have these in assorted flavors or one specific flavor. Please note that deliveries can be done 1-2 business days upon confirming your order.

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