This Three-Piece Cast Iron Pan Set Is Only P999!

All three pans are already pre-seasoned.

IMAGE Basic Essentials

A cast iron pan is one of the most versatile pans you should have in your kitchen. This kind of pan spreads the heat evenly and retains it for a much longer period of time, you can use it on your stove and the oven, and the pan itself can be used as a serving plate (one less thing to clean!).

If you're looking for cast iron pans, S&R Membership Shopping has an affordable cast iron pan set just for you!

For P999, you can get Basic Essentials' three-piece cast iron fry pan set. The set includes a 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch cast iron pans that have draining spouts on opposite sides. You don't need to season these Basic Essential cast iron pans because all three pans are already pre-seasoned, which makes it a nonstick pan

You can make many dishes and desserts with a cast iron pan. This pan is all-around multitasker because you can actually grill burgers, roast a whole chicken, bake pizza, and even, bake a huge cookie (among other things)! 


The Basic Essentials 3-Piece Cast Iron Pan Set is available at S&R Membership Shopping for P999 only. For the full list of branches, please refer to S&R Membership Shopping's official website.

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