You Can Get This Crepe Maker For Less Than P2,000 At S&R

You can also use it to cook pancakes, egg, bacon, and more!

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Raise your hand if you have an unconditional, irrevocable love for crepes! The popular French dessert is one of those treats that's good for all seasons, most notably because of its versatility. You can have it sweet or savory, light or rich, day or night. If you've ever wanted to make your own crepes at home, we spotted a handy appliance you'll want to cop ASAP: you can get this Baumann Living Crepe Maker and Grill for less than P2,000 at S&R!

It looks just like the crepe makers you would see at restaurants!
Photo by Baumann Living

You'll notice the appliance has a flat, circular surface that looks just like crepe makers you would see at restaurants or food stands that serve the popular French treat. Its compact size and tabletop-friendly design can be used on your kitchen counter or right on your dining table. You can even bring it with you when you travel, so you can make delicious treats at your next family vacation!

Soon you'll be making professional-looking crepes like this!
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The device comes with a T-shaped batter spreader just like the ones real chefs and bakers use, so you can make crepes like a pro. You may find that it takes some practice to make the perfect crepe, but as long as you keep trying, you'll be making expert-level crepes in no time!

We bet you've always wanted to try using one of these batter spreaders to make crepe.
Photo by Baumann Living

The appliance is also multi-functional, so you can use the griddle top to cook other food like pancakes, bacon, eggs, and more. It promises even heating all throughout the aluminum plate and adjustable temperature to avoid burning your food. Plus, the non-stick surface makes for easy prep and clean up!

The Baumann Living Crepe Maker and Grill is available at S&R for P1,995. See a list of S&R branches.

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