Beard Papa's New Pastry Is A Cross Between A Cream Puff And A Doughnut

It's bursting with custard filling!

Japanese pastry shop Beard Papa's is best known for their fluffy, custard-filled cream puffs. The store has been in Manila for ages and though many of their branches closed down for quite some time, the shop reopened in the Metro in 2019, cream puffs in tow. If you love their world-famous cream puffs, you'll want to try their newest dessert: Beard Papa's Paris Brest pastry looks like a cross between a cream puff and a doughnut!


The treat features the same pillowy, choux-pastry texture as their famous cream puffs, but in the shape of a doughnut, hole in the center and all. Best part? The circular pastry is filled end to end with the same delicous creamy custard you would find inside the cream puffs. If you love doughnuts bursting with filling, you'll definitely want to try this!

The Paris Brest pastry is available in three filling variations: Custard (P85 each), Chocolate (P100 each), and Salted Caramel (P100 each). Choose whichever one would best satisfy your cravings! Salted caramel is a particularly beloved flavor of the Japanese store's and one that's made a comeback with the introduction of this new pastry, so you may want to put it at the top of your list.

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This pastry is jam-packed with creamy custard filling!
Photo by Facebook/beardpapasph

You can order Beard Papa's Parist Brest pastry through the order form featured on their Facebook page.


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