These Fudgy, Ube Macaroons Are Made For The Ube-sessed!

This dessert shop has several ube desserts on the menu.

IMAGE Bellefleur by Beatrix

Any ube-obsessed person should know about Bellefleur by Beatrix, a dessert shop based in San Juan that offers several ube desserts. It all started with the Frozen Ube Brazo (a best seller!), then it was followed by other ube desserts like the Ube Leche Flan and the Ube Velvet Cupcakes. These were followed by Ube Macaroons, an ube version of the classic chewy treats that mainly use shredded coconut.


We kid you not, these Ube Macaroons are one of the best coconut macaroons in town. These are extremely fudgy despite the texture of the shredded coconut, plus these are not overly sweet. These tasty, purple-hued macaroons come in small pieces and you'll definitely want to grab more than one piece. 

These Ube Macaroons have also gained a following among overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), too! According to Bea Atienza, the owner of Bellefleur, there came a point that a customer hand-carried a box of the Ube Macaroons from the Philippines all the way to Germany and Belgium.

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Bea shares with that the inspiration behind the Ube Macaroons came from her family's obsession with plain coconut macaroons. "We liked the taste of coconut macaroons talaga, so I was trying to make it creamier. I kept experimenting, and we ended up with the classic one. Then with our usual Bellefleur twist, we had to make an ube version as well."

Bellefleur by Beatrix's Ube Macaroons cost P320/box of 20 pieces. To place an order, you can send a message to Bellefleur bt Beatrix on Instagram.


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