Treat Yourself To The Most Decadent Chocolate Cakes You Can Find in Manila

You don't need to find reasons to treat yourself!

Nothing else is as celebratory as a ginormous, decadent, perfectly frosted chocolate cake. Layers and layers of moist chocolate cake with a luscious chocolate sauce or even salted caramel sandwiched in between--nothing else can be as comforting. We gathered some of the most well loved creations in the metro to help you decide on which one appeals most to your taste. They’re all excellently made, but some differ in their chocolate depth, moisture, and filling. Let us know which one’s your favorite!




Big Al’s Decadent Chocolate Cake

Imagine a whole tray (yes, it’s sold still in a tray because it’s that moist and dense) of chocolate cake covered with a decadent chocolate frosting. It’s so heavenly, it’s almost sinful. 



Christa Manila’s Simply Dark Chocolate Cake

It’s the chocolate cake that doesn’t skimp on ingredients. One taste of this moist, luscious Simply Dark chocolate cake coated with dark chocolate fudge and you know you’re getting all of your money’s worth.



Dimpy’s Chocolate Cake

What makes Dimpy’s such a winner is the very generous layer of chocolate frosting that hugs the moist chocolate cake base. Get ready to fight over the corner slices! 




Flour Jar’s Bruce Bogtrotter Cake

Named after the character in Matilda who devoured a whole chocolate cake, this treat is a one-two punch of dark chocolate sponge and a deep chocolate buttercream. It’s the same cake that you can easily find in Toby’s Estate branches.



Homemade by Roshan’s Millionaire’s Cake

This cake is aptly named because of its undeniable richness. It’s made up of three layers of moist chocolate cake and filled with caramel, macadamia, and coffee custard. Doubling up its decadence factor is the luscious chocolate frosting with caramel-macadamia topping. 




Little Flour Café’s Chocolate Cake

Meet the younger brother of Wildflour’s Salted Chocolate Cake (which could have easily made it on this list, too). Instead of caramel, dulce de leche is spread between the moist chocolate layers. It’s not as tall as its predecessor, but it’s just the perfect size to gobble up on your own. 



Mary Grace’s Chocolate Truffle Cake

Not all chocolate cakes are created equal and this decadent creation is way ahead of the pack. Sandwiched between layers of soft chocolate cake is velvety smooth Callebaut Truffle, which makes every slice a soothing, comforting experience.




Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion

This cake has made it on the shelves of Classic Confections and CBTL for good reason. It offers a perfect balance of sweetness and chocolatey depth that might even make you forget your name. The whipped chocolate and walnut pralines make the treat a textural delight.





Poco Deli’s Blackout Chocolate Cake

Imagine ultra tender chocolate cake layers, an indulgent caramel filling, and an extra dark chocolate frosting—this is the chocolate cake of your dreams. Don’t forget about the chocolate chips sprinkled all over the surface and sides of the cake that add extra depth and texture.



Polly’s Chocolate Cake

It’s hard to beat a classic, especially it’s well made and done with much precision. After all these years, Polly’s is still consistent with their soft chocolate base and generous chocolate frosting.




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