5 Mobile Food Apps Every Home Cook Needs

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Nowadays, mobile apps make everything easier, including making weeknight cooking as fuss-free and as productive as possible.


Among the dozens of mobile apps that can be easily downloaded, we rounded up our top picks of food apps every food lover should check out. Some apps can walk you through basic recipes and prep techniques, while others can make your grocery shopping list more manageable. 


1 Epicurious


Epicurious scores an A+ on all aspects­-it's a rich collection of recipes, informative videos and articles, and excellent food photography. Its sleek app design makes it easy to navigate through all its user-friendly features.  One of our favorites is its smart timer feature. This feature helps predict the doneness of your meat-one of the biggest struggles of every novice home cook.


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All you have to do is select how thick your cut of meat is, select your preferred level of doneness, and the app will give you the exact amount time your meat should cook for. This feature is also accompanied by detailed and friendly guides on how to cook meat. For a well-balanced mix of recipes, videos, tutorials, and tips, the Epicurious mobile app is a gold mine.



Click here to download Epicurious on iOS and click here to download it on Android. 


2 Cook Smarts


Cook Smarts is the ultimate mobile food app for those who love meal planning. Browse through its organized list of recipes and tips (everything is geared toward inspiring users to whip up healthy homemade meals), then print out the downloadable grocery list that comes with your selected recipes.



The app will guide you through your week with meal planning tools and an active community of users that share inspiration and tips through threads! 


Click here to download Cook Smarts on iOS.

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3 Anylist


Anylist is a simple, straightforward app that serves one function­-to make your trip to the grocery faster and more efficient. This app sorts your grocery items into which aisles you can likely find them.



You won't have to worry about having to list down your grocery items one by one, either: import your recipes from other websites and apps (including Epicurious and AllRecipes) into Anylist and the app will do the work for you. You can also make multiple lists!



Click here to download Anylist on iOS.


4 (Not)Recipes


This mobile app takes social media to a tastier level! (Not)Recipes is a platform for users to share photos of their home-cooked meals. If you're looking for ideas for your next kitchen project, you can check out the app's featured feed for photos from fellow home cooks and bakers. However, as the name of the app suggests, (Not)Recipes doesn't always provide your usual instructional recipes. Sometimes, users will only give what ingredients they used, and no measurements or instructions that come along with it.


This makes (Not)Recipes an app that inspires and encourages home cooks and bakers to be more confident in his or her cooking. Let your creativity loose! (Not)Recipes is chock full of beautiful food photos that you can stare at all day.


Click here to download (Not)Recipes on iOS.


5 Jamie Oliver's Recipes


Going through the Jamie Oliver's Recipes app feels just like going through a food magazine. All the beautiful food photos and organized design makes it easy to navigate through its recipe collections. 



Our favorite feature is the app's step-by-step guide. If you tap on a recipe, the app will walk you through every step one-by-one. You will initially see the first step of a recipe, along with its respective ingredients, then swipe to the left to let the app take you to the next step. You'll also be able to find video tutorials to guide you through basic prep steps like how to chop onions and working a mortar and pestle.


Click here to download Jamie Oliver's Recipes on iOS and Android. 



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