This Bibingka Will Make Any Ube Cheese Fan Happy

Move over, ube cheese pandesal.

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Bibingka is usually the rice cake we eat during the Christmas season as a post-Simbang gabi treat. You can't go wrong with a classic bibingka that has salted egg, cheese, melted butter, and a sprinkle of niyog, but there's definitely more than one way you can enjoy this kakanin. If you need a change from the classic bibingka, you need to try Bibingka Manila's Ube Cheese Bibingka.

Photo by Bea Faicol

What you should know about the Ube Cheese Bibingka:

Bibingka Manila used to be available in bazaars only, but because of the pandemic, owners Bojay and Timmie Samaco, made their bibingka available online to cater to more bibingka fans in the metro. The bibingka recipe they use comes from Timmie's late mother, who also served as Timmie's push to start the business.

They offer two different versions of bibingka: a classic flavor with salted egg and cheese, and the more experimental one, the ube cheese bibingka. The ube cheese bibingka has an ube-flavored rice cake, but it also has delicious ube halaya filling in the middle. Each of these mini bibingka has a square of melted cheese on top, and, of course, is wrapped in a banana leaf.

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Photo by Bea Faicol

What we like about the Ube Cheese Bibingka:

The thing that makes or breaks any ube dessert is the halaya-and, thankfully, Bibingka Manila's secret local source for their ube halaya isn't overly sweet and the creaminess easily melts in the mouth. It goes without saying that this is best eaten when warm!

Another thing we love about the bibingka is that it's soft and decadent, almost like a fudgy cake, and that it captures the sweetness, earthiness, and has a tinge of saltiness of the classic flavor combination. 

Where you can get Ube Cheese Bibingka:

The Ube Bibingka costs P340 for a box of six pieces, the Salted Egg and Cheese costs P240 for a box of six pieces, and a combination of both flavors costs P300. You can place your order by messaging Bibingka Manila on Viber: (0917) 561-4997 or Instagram; and the delivery pickup will come from Valle Verde 1, Pasig City.


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