You Deserve This Delish Birthday Ice Cream Cake (Even If It's Not Your Birthday)

Sebastian's also has seasonal ice cream flavors.

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There are two kinds of dessert lovers: those that prefer ice cream, and those that prefer cake. The people-pleasing solution? Ice cream cake! This special dessert brings you the best of both worlds with its layers of cake and ice cream, and while you can slice and serve it like cake, it's got the cold, creamy character that sates those ice-cream cravings. We recently tried a stellar version that's quite a looker, too: meet the Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cake from Sebastian's Ice Cream!

The Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cake just screams festive!
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

The Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cake is a festive treat with layers of vanilla and rainbow-sprinkle cake, and cake batter ice cream. It's then topped with cake batter pastillas, more sprinkles, and a pink chocolate drizzle-and all together, you get the sweet, slightly buttery, and the nostalgic flavor of the birthday cakes you likely grew up with! A nine-inch cake goes for P1,650. (And no, it doesn't have to be your birthday for you to enjoy this dessert!)

Inside, you'll find layers of vanilla and rainbow-sprinkle cake and cake batter ice cream.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
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Aside from the Birthday Cake variant, Sebastian's has also released two other ice-cream cake flavors. Chocolate fans will want to try the Dark Chocolate Decadence (P1,650/nine inches), which tempts with its savory-sweet combination of chocolate cake, almond praline, and dark chocolate ice cream filled with pretzels, potato chips, and caramel popcorn. It's also topped with a dark-chocolate drizzle, more almond praline, and chocolate-dipped potato chips, pretzels, and caramel popcorn. If you prefer your desserts on the milky side, try the Pastillas de Leche (P1,650/nine inches)-Sebastian's take on tres leches cake with its layers of vanilla cake soaked in a mix of milk, condensed milk, and dayap zest; pastillas de leche ice cream; miniature pastillas; and a salted white-chocolate drizzle.

The Dark Chocolate Decadence has a salty-sweet, uber-chocolatey profile.
PHOTO BY Sebastian's Ice Cream
For a milky-tasting treat, go for the Pastillas de Leche.
PHOTO BY Sebastian's Ice Cream

And because it's that time of the year again, Sebastian's also has special seasonal offerings. Some are returning seasonal items from the previous years-namely, the salty-sweet Bibingka Espesyal (P405/pint) with bibingka ice cream, freshly-baked bibingka, salted egg, kesong puti, and queso de bola crisp (note that this year's version differs slightly from the previous years'); and the nutty Puto Bumbong (P405) with puto bumbong kakanin ice cream, grated coconut, and muscovado sugar. Then there's the brand-new new Noche Buena Fruit Salad (P405)-a cold and decadent take on the Noche Buena classic dessert with condensed-milk ice cream, apples, pears, grapes, buko strings, pineapples, maraschino cherries, and grated cheese.

Sebastian's also has seasonal ice cream flavors: Bibingka, Noche Buena Fruit Salad, and Puto Bumbong.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

And if your favorite way to take ice cream is between cookies, you'll want to add Sebastian's seasonal new Crinkle Chilly Burgers to your cart. You can choose between the Muscovado (P140), Peppermint (P140), and White Chocolate (P140) variants-all of which give you chewy crinkles and rich ice cream in each and every bite.

Don't miss their new Crinkle Chilly Burgers, either!
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

These items are all available for orders through Sebastian's Ice Cream's website, which delivers to selected areas of Metro Manila. The seasonal ice creams and Chilly Burgers are also available at Sebastian's, The Podium.

Sebastian's is a local artisanal ice cream maker known for their wide range of ice cream flavors and other frozen desserts. They've also got fun flavors like the Sapin-Sapin and Strawberry Sans Rival.


For orders, check out Sebastian's Ice Cream's website. The seasonal ice creams and Chilly Burgers are also available at 4/F The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City. For more information, check out Sebastian's Ice Cream's Facebook page.

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