This Soft Serve Is Made With This Popular Korean Yogurt Popsicle!

Are you familiar with this Korean popsicle?

IMAGE Black Scoop Cafe

Black Scoop Café is certainly the type of café to have a new flavor ever so often. In the span of the eight months of this year, they were able to create White Rabbit-flavored ice cream, Ghirardelli Frozen Hot Cocoa-flavored soft serve, Tequila Rose-flavored soft serve, Yakult-flavored soft serve, Melona-flavored soft serve, and another new flavor joins the ever-growing list of Black Scoop Café's creative desserts. Meet the Greek Yogurt-flavored soft serve.

Photo by Black Scoop Cafe

Similar to Black Scoop Cafe's Melona-flavored soft serve, the Greek Yogurt-flavored soft serve is made with a popular Korean frozen dessert, Lotte Foods' Greek Yogurt in Blueberry flavor. If you aren't familiar with the Greek Yogurt line, the blueberry flavor is made with a white chocolate coating and inside, Greek yogurt ice cream with blueberry swirls.

You can have fun with Black Scoop Cafe's new Greek Yogurt soft serve by overloading it with add-ons, like sweet milk tea boba and a vibrant purple magic shell!

According to the official Instagram account of Black Scoop Café, this new soft serve will be available this September.

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