This New Nido-Flavored Soft Serve Will Be Available In This Cafe Soon!

Did you grow up with this milk brand?

Our childhood milk candies are making a comeback as new desserts! This year, HawHaw-flavored soft serve, Yakult-flavored soft serve, and White Rabbit-flavored ice cream excited the kid in us. The latest addition to this year's sweet and milky dessert is Black Scoop Café's Nido-flavored soft serve!

Photo by Black Scoop Cafe

Black Scoop Café's new soft serve is infused with Nestle's powdered Nido milk! Any kid who grew up with this milk brand will love this new milk soft serve even more because you can top this with more powdered Nido. For a bit of variety, you can go crazy and add different toppings, crunch, and sinkers seen on Black Scoop Café's menu.

For more information, follow Black Scoop Café on Facebook.

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