This Soft Serve Is Made With Ghirardelli Frozen Hot Cocoa!

It's their newest soft-serve flavor!

While hot chocolate is usually reserved for colder seasons (a.k.a. Christmastime!), there's honestly nothing stopping you from having it whenever you want. In fact, Black Scoop Café is giving you more reasons to indulge-just not in the way you might expect. The café has teamed up with Ghirardelli Philippines to create their newest soft-serve flavor, the Ghirardelli Swirl (P140), launching on August 15.

Get hot chocolate as a cold dessert at Black Scoop Café.
PHOTO BY Black Scoop Cafe

The new flavor blends Black Scoop Café's creamy soft-serve with Ghirardelli Frozen Hot Cocoa powder to create a rich, chocolatey flavor. You can get this with additional toppings, too-we think crushed Graham or cookies would pair with the flavor wonderfully.

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