This Soft Serve Gets a Shot of Sweetness From Tequila Rose

But without the alcohol!

Some people are able to down shot after shot of tequila like it's water-no judgment here! But for those who can't stand the strong taste of alcohol but still want that buzz, there's Tequila Rose. The strawberry-cream liqueur has a fruity, creamy flavor with the buzz of tequila. It's a great flavor that does great in desserts-like in Black Scoop Café's newest soft-serve flavor, the Tequila Rose Swirl (P130/cup).

This soft serve has the buzzy note without the alcohol.
PHOTO BY Black Scoop Café

Black Scoop Café infuses their creamy soft serve with Tequila Rose to give it a fruity sweetness and a hint of that buzz, too. Owner Diana Pua assures us that the Tequila Rose Swirl has zero alcohol content: "We use Tequila Rose but we've cooked it down to evaporate the alcohol and turn it into a reduction." So go on and have as much as you want.

Tequila Rose Swirl is only available at 101 B Maginhawa Street, Diliman, Quezon City.

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