If You're Obsessed With Soju, You Need To Give This Blueberry Soju A Try

For your next inuman session.

Besides Korean barbecue, one Korean food trend that we seem to get enough of is soju. Because it has gained popularity amongst millennials and fans of Korean pop culture, you can now find it in most convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Ministop. You can even find it in the international or wine and spirits section of supermarkets. But if you go to Korean convenience stores, there will likely be more soju options to choose from.


What's the hype all about? Well, besides soju being an easy spirit to make delicious cocktails with at home, soju also comes in different interesting flavors. We recently discovered a strawberry-flavored soju by Chum Churum, but another fruity flavor from the same brand comes in a blueberry flavor. You should try this if you love the tart and sweet flavors of blueberries! 

You can find Chum Churum's blueberry-flavored soju at Assi Fresh Plaza, a Korean 24/7 grocery, for P115 per bottle only.

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