These Are All The Pasalubong Items You Need To Get In Bohol

You might want to bring these home.

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When it comes to pasalubong, the best kind are the unique food items you can't find anywhere else. 

When in Bohol, don't miss out on these unique food pasalubong items that we think are not only one-of-a-kind but are also quite delicious. You just have to trust us when we say we tried each of these food gifts and found them all to be worth the trip and luggage space: 

That's not coffee grounds! That's roasted corn you're going to brew.
Photo by Majoy Siason

1 Roasted Corn Coffee 

Did you know that the Philippines is one of the best places to grow coffee beans? The Philippines is located in what they call the "Coffee Belt" and are one of the few countries which can and does grow all four varieties of coffee beans. 

However, in Bohol, coffee beans aren't the only beans that are ground up and made into coffee. Roasted corn coffee is a unique hot beverage you should try. Corn is roasted until almost blackened, ground up, and treated just like coffee grounds. The resulting brew tastes remarkably like coffee, with a bitterness that comes from the roasting of the corn kernels and a very slight corn flavor note that you can taste toward the end of every sip. 

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We recommend you add all-purpose cream, not milk, to your brewed corn coffee. In fact, add a lot. The intense creaminess of the cream wonderfully complements the flavors of the roasted corn. 

These mani con leche (top) and peanut kringles (right) are nutty and sweet. They make perfect snacks with coffee!
Photo by Majoy Siason

2 Peanut Snacks 

Bohol is already known for making delicious peanut cookies called Peanut Kisses. These peanut cookies shaped like little pyramids of crushed peanuts suspended in a meringue cookie are delicious! However, Peanut Kisses were so popular that these are now available in Metro Manila, so it's not as unique a food gift as one would think. 


We found other peanut snacks just as worthy: Mani con Leche and Peanut Kringles. Mani con Leche are little oblong cookies made with peanuts and two kinds of milk: evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk. These two ingredients are enough to make anyone who loves milky sweets eager for a taste, and it delivers on the nutty, sweet, and milky. 

The Peanut Kringles meanwhile are just as nutty and crunchy. The peanuts on these snacks, however, are more obvious. The cookie rolls are studded with roughly chopped peanuts. Think cookie wafer sticks that has been rolled in chopped peanuts, and you get the idea.  

These organically-grown worms are crunchy snacks for you to try!
Photo by Majoy Siason

3 Chichaworms 

Are you totally grossed out? You may cringe but really, you have to taste it!

This fear-factor worthy snack is surprisingly delicious. These are superworms and when made into these pulutan-worthy snacks, chichaworms. These are flavored with sugar, salt, and a little chili powder. These are crunchy snacks! Take a brave bite and you'll discover that these little insects are actually hollow, the tiny little legs are negligible when you're munching, and these taste little more than teeny shrimps without any of the meat. If you think about it, you're only eating the shell of the shrimp instead of the shrimp meat. 

Bohol is a great place to visit! You can find some of the best beach resorts in the Panglao area such as the cliff-side Amorita Resort along Alona Beach. Even a few tourist sites such as the Baclayon Church which houses some amazing and historical religious artifacts and the eerie Hinagdanan Cave are just a few minutes drive away. 


Take the time to admire the tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills, too, but we say, take some of Bohol back home with you by giving these unique pasalubong items a try. 

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