Love Korean Dessert? This Bon Chon and Happy Lemon Dessert Is For You!

Brown sugar milk tea fans will love this!

Bingsu, also called patbingsu, is a Korean shaved iced dessert commonly topped with fruits, syrup, red beans, and sweet milk or condensed milk. This summer dessert comes in different interesting flavors. Bon Chon and Happy Lemon recently collaborated to bring you a dreamy, icy dessert that may just land you in dessert heaven. They united bingsu lovers and milk tea fans with the new Milk Tea Bingsu.


This dream-come-true Milk Tea Bingsu (P99) is made with Happy Lemon's brown sugar pearl milk tea and Bon Chon's finely-shaved, cloud-like bingsu, then topped the concoction with tapioca pearls and a swirl of milky, creamy soft serve drizzled with a sugary syrup. 

Do take note, the Milk Tea Bingsu is only available in Bon Chon branches, not in Happy Lemon branches. You can check the list of Bon Chon branches here so you know exactly where to go to get your milk tea and bingsu mashup fix. 

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