This New Fluffy Japanese "Cotton" Cheesecake Has A Parmesan Cream Topping

It's extra cheesy!

IMAGE Facebook/Boulangerie22

There are several versions of cheesecake all over the world. Three of the more famous cheesecakes are the New York-Style Cheesecake, burnt Basque Cheesecake, and the Japanese Cheesecake. But did you know that the Japanese Cheesecake is also called a Japanese Cotton Cheesecake? It's called that way because the base is more pillowy and cotton-soft than it is thick and creamy.

The latest bakery that added the Japanese Cotton Cheesecake to its menu is Boulangerie22. They baked this light as air, cloud-like cheesecake until it got a soft, fluffy consistency and topped it with a Parmesan fresh cream. Because the cheesier the better, right?

Since this is a new product, Boulangerie22 is offering the Japanese Cotton Cheesecake at an introductory price of P380. This is available in all of their branches or via Quicky.


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