Bourdain on Jollibee spaghetti, lechon + more in Parts Unknown

In the season opener of the show: street-side sisig, fast food chicken and spaghetti, and large doses of life in the Philippines.

The season opener of CNN’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown brings host Anthony Bourdain back to the streets of Manila. The episode mostly explores family, the Pinoys’ love and talent for music, and the country’s “greatest export”—overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)—amidst the cheery backdrop of Christmas season in the Philippines. And food, of course: platefuls of Christmas kare-kare, homemade adobo, golden-skinned lechon, sisig, and streetside halo-halo.


In this episode, Bourdain reserves most of his irreverent comments for his trip to local fast-food Jollibee and raves about his favorite Pinoy food:

Oh Jollibee spaghetti:

“I sneer at fast food, revile it at every opportunity, but I am also a hypocrite because to me, Filipino chain Jollibee is the wackiest, jolliest place on Earth."

"That spaghetti is deranged, yet strangely alluring."

On Filipino lechon:

“It is the finest pig I've ever had."

On street-side halo-halo:

"It's wondrous. I don't even know what half of these ingredients are. I mean it's delicious but how is it made?


On pork sisig:

"Possibly the best thing you could ever eat with a cold beer."

Read more about the episode in Anthony Bourdain's own words: Unfinished business in the Philippines.

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