We Taste-Tested for The Best Champorado Mix in the Grocery

In the photo: Maya's instant boxed champorado mix actually has a good chocolate taste.


Champorado, or sweet chocolate rice porridge, is a breakfast favorite in every Filipino household. Traditionally made of sticky rice (malagkit), tablea, sugar, and a dash of milk, its sweet and earthy flavors bring nothing but comfort to the breakfast table.



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A slow, easy morning is rare treat-don't boxed champorado mixes make everything a little bit easier? It's breakfast in a box! This month, we tested five local brands that all aim to make the average home cook's kitchen time more efficient and productive.


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Every ingredient measurement and cooking instruction was followed carefully in this Taste Test. If you're a fan of personalizing and upgrading your homemade creations, feel free to add a little flair to these boxed breakfasts: a pinch of salt, a drizzle of condensed or full cream milk, a handful of cacao nibs for crunch, or a serving of salty tuyo on the side.

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White King

White King is an overall consistent brand through-and-through. We tested their brownies and pancakes in the past couple of months, and the results never disappoint. Their champorado boils down beautifully into plump grains of rice in a thick porridge. While it doesn't exactly taste like real homemade goodness, it isn't bad for a fuss free, 15-minute breakfast!  




For a mix that only requires added water and sugar, this boxed mix actually has a good chocolate taste. Maya's boxed champorado mix uses fairly large grains of rice, so simmer the mixture slowly until the grains are tender and cooked through. You can add more water if you like a light champorado, or reduce it for a few more minutes if you like it extra thick.


Sarap Pinoy

The best thing about this mix is that the grains of rice are small and slightly ground-so it cooks in less than 15 minutes! Add a knob of tablea or a few teaspoons of cocoa powder for a stronger chocolate taste, then serve it with a light drizzle of milk to lift its heavy texture.



Left to right: Antonio Pueo's Double Chocolate Champorado Mix, Mama Sita's Chocolate Porridge Mix


Mama Sita's

Mama Sita's boxed champorado mix is different from the first three we listed above-it doesn't call for a quick cooking time of 10 to 20 minutes-it calls for 40! Believe it or not, this is a great sign. The box has two packets inside: one contains the rice (which you are instructed to rinse), and the other contains blocks of real tablea chocolate and sugar. What Mama Sita's boxed mix does for you, essentially, is procure all the ingredients you need to make homemade champorado, and places it all in one box. The result? A chocolate porridge that tastes 100% homemade! There was no chemical after-taste, artificial chocolate flavor, and too-sticky porridge texture. This boxed mix, hands down, yields the best bowls of champorado out of everything we tried-mom truly does know best.


Antonio Pueo


When a brand known for producing tablea and other chocolate-based products labels its boxed champorado mix as "double chocolate," you better believe it! Like Mama Sita's boxed mix, Antonio Pueo also uses blocks of tablea on top of ground cocoa that's mixed in with the grains. It boils down into a dark, chocolate-heavy bowl that is big on flavor. After cooking the champorado mix, you are instructed to mix in condensed milk (as opposed to all 4 other brands, where sugar is added once you start cooking), which gives you the freedom to adjust the porridge's overall sweetness to your liking.


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