This Frozen Brazo De Mercedes Has A Layer Of Ube Custard + Ube Ice Cream

Need a dessert to beat the summer heat? Try this!

IMAGE Bea Faicol

It's easy to swoon over classic desserts like Brazo de Mercedesa rolled cake made with cloud-like meringue and a decadent egg yolk-based custard right in the center. But you can enjoy this dessert in so many ways, what with all the different ways you can upgrade it!

The Ube Frozen Brazo in a Can is topped with ube powder.
Photo by Bea Faicol

What you should know about it

In February 2020, recently launched two new Brazo de Mercedes desserts with a vibrant purple twist: ube. The new Ube Frozen Brazo in a Can is made with a graham cracker crust as its base, followed by a thick layer of ube custard and ube ice cream, topped with a layer of fluffy meringue, and then dusted off with ube powder. also released Ube Brazo cupcakes, the cupcake-version of the tin can cake, which is made with a graham cracker base, purple ube custard in the middle, meringue on top, and a dusting of ube powder.

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One spoonful is NOT enough!
Photo by Bea Faicol

What we love about it

We got to try the Ube Frozen Brazo in a Can and what we love about it is that it isn't your typical frozen brazo de mercedes where ice cream is usually used. This one has a layer of ube ice cream and a thick layer of real ube custard that adds creamy textures and a hint of earthiness to each bite. 

Much to our surprise, this isn't cloyingly sweet, so don't be surprised if you keep scooping spoonful after spoonful after spoonful-basically, it can get addicting. The meringue is fluffy and melts in the mouth, and the combination of ube custard on top of the ube ice cream will surely make any self-confessed ube fan jumping for joy.


Where you can get it's Ube Frozen Brazo Cake is available for P550/6x2-inch cake, while the Ube Brazo Cupcakes are available for P300/box of four. You can place your order by filling up their official order form found on their official Instagram page.

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