These 5 Kitchen Helpers Will Make Your Mornings + Breakfast Prep Easier

Busy mornings are easier with these breakfast products and services.

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We all know mornings are precious short hours. You need things and tools that are fast and efficient, two qualities you'll appreciate when having to juggle more than you can handle every morning.

To help you out, here are five products and services that we believe will help you manage your mornings better:


1 The breakfast machine: toaster + 2-cup coffee maker +griddle 

Even if you can't multitask every morning, you can trust that this tiny machine definitely can. It's all you need to make breakfast. The toaster is topped by a nonstick griddle with a 2-cup coffee maker on the side. That means you can fry eggs and bacon or make pancakes while toasting pandesal, sliced bread, or croissants in the toaster while brewing your coffee. If that isn't a multitasking machine, we don't know what is.

Kyowa 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Maker (KW-3250), P1,899.75, SM Home, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong and P2,150,

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2 The poached egg boats

If you've ever tried to perfectly poach eggs, you'll love that these little silicone bowls gently cradle eggs in a boiling pot of water. No matter how you like your poached eggs, there's no way to botch the perfectly-formed eggs that emerge from these silicone boats.

Silicone Egg Poachers (4 pieces) P417, 


3 The useful app: Bring! 

Bring! is the app every homemaker-and every mom!-should have installed on their phones. It's the ultimate shopping list app! From the things you need to buy for the home pantry to the snacks and drinks you are tasked to provide for this weekend's get-together, you can create lists as needed. The best part is, the app allows you to add and share with family members and other pertinent people involved to edit your shopping list so you're never caught unaware of the things you need. 

Bring! Grocery Shopping List is available for free on Google Play and ITunes.


4 The coffee maker for two

Mornings are enough of a busy time without having to (impatiently) wait for coffee to brew and be served. With this genius coffee maker that sports not one but two coffee spouts, you will never need to wait for your cup while someone else is getting his. It automatically dispenses into two cups, instead of a pot, so no pouring necessary and no jostling for the pitcher in a rush.

American Home Coffee Maker, P1,099, 


5 A cold brew delivery service

Love cold brew coffee? Then you know it takes a bit of effort to make good cold brew coffee. But with this coffee subscription, you don't have to go without a good cup of cold brew again. Available in liter bottles, all you have to do is pour over ice, add any additional flavorings desired, and it's ready to drink. The best part? It's delivered to your doorstep! It's a fast, convenient, and totally delicious caffeine fix that will have you wondering where it has been all your coffee-loving life.

Type A Cold Brew is available via subscription through, Facebook: typeacoldbrewcoffee, and Instagram: _type.a.

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