This Tiny Oven Toaster Is Perfect For Independent People Who Live Alone


Small kitchen appliances aren't just for people who need to save space in the kitchen. These are also made for those who really don't need a big appliance, like those who live alone and are completely independent. If you're either or both, you'll maybe want to buy this cute and tiny toaster oven by Brikk.

Brikk's BLOT-803RD Electric Oven has an 8-liter capacity, has an upper and lower heating selector, a 60-minute timer, and a slide drip pan for easy cleaning. It has a red and black body with a handle that has a wooden accent. 

Why is it perfect for someone who's living alone? This electric oven won't take too much space in your kitchen countertop and it can only fit one slice of bread or reheat small portions of ulam at a time. It's ideal for single-serving dishes and it's space-saving, too.

You can buy the Brikk BLOT-803RD at S&R Membership Shopping for P2,295/unit. Each unit comes with a drip pan, bake tray, and a wire rack.



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