Buchi Fans and Nutella Fans, You'll Love These Nutella-Filled Chewy Buchi!

Move over, munggo buchi!

IMAGE Bea Faicol

Buchi Queen is queen when it comes to putting a twist to the chewy Chinese delicacy that is buchi. They offered different buchi flavors like the ube and cheese, then soon after that, they introduced yema-filled buchi, too. Now, they've created a new flavor made especially for chocolate and hazelnut fans: Check out the Nutella Buchi!

Buchi Queen's buchi is soft and chewy, generously coated in sesame seeds-and surprisingly not too oily as other buchi. When you bite into it, comes the explosion of gooey Nutella. So if you have a soft spot for anything with Nutella in it, this is definitely a must-try! 

Buchi Queen's Nutella Buchi costs P190/dozen and P520/family box of 35 pieces. You can place an order by messaging Buchi Queen on Instagram.


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