Yes, Champorado and Tuyo-Flavored Suman Exists!

These gourmet suman also comes in ube, langka, and mangoes!

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A must-try Dumaguete delicacy is the budbud, a rice cake traditionally made with rice cooked with coconut milk, sugar, and a bit of salt. It is then wrapped and steamed in banana leaves, giving it a distinct aroma. These rice cakes are usually served with a cup of hot chocolate and sweet yellow mangoes.

Budbud-Gourmet Suman's delectable sticky treats use grains that come from the mountains of Dumaguete. Maribel Van Hoven, the owner of Budbud-Gourmet Suman and who comes from Negros herself, learned how to perfect the suman recipes on her own, despite having no culinary training prior to starting the business.



The eye-catching colors of the ube suman twirled with the langka suman!

After fourteen years in the business, Budbud-Gourmet Suman has perfected 17 delicious flavors. The flavors vary from the ordinary budbud kabog-which is a millet seed cake roll, while the rest have different combinations of chocolate, ube (purple yam), langka (jackfruit), and coco jam. 



The seventeen different flavors of Budbud - Gourmet Suman are priced ranging from Php35 to Php55. (Purple rice is no longer available!) 

Because of the wide selection of their sweet variants, they decided to create a more savory flavor and came up with Budbud Champtuyo. Yes, it's champorado-and-tuyo-flavored suman! They incorporated chocolate into the rice and placed the crushed dried fish in the center.



If you want to dip these sticky treats or simply pair it with Budbud-Gourmet Suman's hot chocolate (P50 per cup), visit their stall at the Salcedo Market, every Saturday, from 7-2PM or the Legaspi market, which happens every Sunday, 7-2 p.m. Tip: bring your own thermos for these decadent drinks!

To bring these treats straight to your doorstep, you may contact Budbud-Gourmet Suman at 745-0847 or (0915-980-6060). Deliveries are done via Lalamove or Grab.


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