Yum, These Donuts Have A Yakult + Soju Ice Cream-Like Filling!

They have cheesecake donuts, too!

IMAGE BUNappetite

Just when you've seen all the strawberry-filled doughnut sandwiches on your social media feed, a bakeshop and cafe based in Tondo, Manila called BUNappetite whipped up (literally) new doughnut sandwiches that definitely speaks to the Yakult and the Yakult + soju fans.

Photo by BUNappetite

BUNapptetite's new Yakult Donut Pockets come in Plain Yakult and Soju-Infused flavors. Both these donut pockets have an ice-cream-like filling in between, but the Soju-Infused Yakult Donut Packet specifically has, what looks like, a small vial of soju injected into the Yakult-flavored filling of the donut.


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Alongside the launch of the Yakult Donut Pockets are the Goya Hazelnut Donut that's topped with Goya Chocolate and the Strawberry Cheesecake Donut and Mango Cheesecake Donut that both have homemade puree and cheesecake as the main filling.

To place an order, fill up BUNappetite's order form.

Follow BUNappetite Bakeshop and Cafe on Instagram for more information.


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