Burger King France Teaches Us How To Make Their Iconic Whopper At Home

Meet the "Quarantine Whopper".

IMAGE Burger King France

When going out to our favorite restaurants seem like a distant dream, the next best thing one can do is to recreate favorites while quarantined at home. It started off with Shakey's Japan tweeting their mojos recipe and now Burger King France has shared how to put together their famous Whopper with the aid of a simple and ingenious infographic and video. 


"Le Whopper de la quarantine" or the "Quarantine Whopper" as the poster states, shows how to assemble the iconic burger. It starts with a hamburger bun as its foundation, followed by red onion, pickles, ketchup, ground beef patty, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and then another bun. Simple and easy to do, right?

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Even though it doesn't include the specific measurements or the secrets to perfecting the flavors of the grilled burger patty, this is the closest thing we can get to making our own Burger King-inspired Whopper at home.


If you want to do other Burger King items at home, Burger King France even released a tutorial on how to create the Steakhouse and The King. The Steakhouse highlights the use of Angus beef patty, bacon cheese, and barbecue sauce, while The King is basically a burger with two pieces of patties.

Since burgers and fries are inseparable, why not pair your DIY Burger King Whopper with a bowl of your DIY Shakey's mojos?

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