10 Items From Burger Machine To Make You Feel Hungry And Nostalgic

IMAGE Camille Georgia Uy

Before 24/7 deliveries, there was Burger Machine. It seemed like, for a time in the 90s, there was a Burger Machine booth at every corner. Whether it was for merienda, a late-night snack, or (before COVID ever existed) a quick hangover meal, you could rely on a Burger Machine being somewhere near you.

In the interest of nostalgia and a hankering for cheap but good eats, we went to the nearest Burger Machine we could find and made a round-up of our favorites: a mix of food items we've loved since childhood and others that we only just discovered were delicious (and are low-key mad about because we didn't know about them before)!

Here are 10 food items on Burger Machine's menus you should consider trying (again, if necessary):

1 Jumbo Cheezy Bacon Burger

The Jumbo Cheezy Bacon Burger is a great starter burger for anyone trying Burger Machine for the first time.
Photo by Camille Georgia Uy

Price: P101 (Buy One Take One)

It has cheese. It has bacon. It's a burger, and it's buy one, take one! Not gonna lie: this is my personal go-to order growing up. The best thing about this burger is that while it's not overflowing with bacon, you do get a bit in every bite! Don't you just hate it when the whole strip of bacon comes out when you bite into a bacon burger? There's no worry about that happening with Burger Machine's Jumbo Cheezy Bacon Burger because the bacon is pre-chopped into chunky pieces, and distributed over the whole patty evenly.

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Tip: Get it with extra Chili Con Carne for an additional P14/burger. It's not really spicy but it does add a little heat!

2 Double Chicken Burger

The Double Chicken Burger really tastes like chicken, and pairs well with extra coleslaw topping.
Photo by Camille Georgia Uy

Price: P58 (Buy One Take One)

Burger Machine's Double Chicken Burger was a pleasant surprise: it really tastes like chicken! We might have been prejudiced going in, thinking it was going to taste the same as the beef patties, but there is no mistaking that chicken flavor. It's paired with ketchup and mayonnaise, and even if there's an extra bun in the middle (it is a double-decker burger, after all), the chicken burger patty was so flavorful you really don't need much else.

Tip: Add extra Coleslaw for P14/burger. The coleslaw makes the bite fresher and adds a bit of crunch!

3 Double Longganisa Burger

Love longganisa? You can enjoy it in burger form with the Double Longganisa Burger!
Photo by Camille Georgia Uy

Price: P58 (Buy One Take One)

The longganisa burger patties for the Double Longganisa Burger are unmistakable: they are redder than the rest, quite reminiscent of sweet longganisa. Plus, it's not only the look that captures the essence of real longganisa: the patty is sweet and full of that spicy longganisa flavor! Just like the chicken burger, the Double Longganisa Burger is a double-decker, and between that and being buy-one-take-one, you're sure to feel full after eating the whole order.

Tip: Want to make it a full breakfast experience? Get it with egg! The Buy One Take One Double Longganisa Burger With Egg costs P87.

4 Big Beef BBQ Burger

The Big Beef BBQ burger has a bigger patty, bigger buns, and is also big on flavors.
Photo by Camille Georgia Uy

Price: P67/burger 

The most basic version of the Big Beef BBQ Burger comes with coleslaw and barbecue sauce, but you could also get it with the following topping combinations for P95: bacon bits and cheese, egg and cheese, or chili con carne and cheese.

We got the Big Beef BBQ Burger with chili con carne and cheese, and just like its name, it was a mouthful! The 100-gram patty was visibly bigger and a tad thicker than the buy-one-take-one burgers, and you get an extra burst of flavor from the barbecue sauce and chili con carne, which is balanced well by the coleslaw and cheese. Unlike the cheese spread in the Jumbo Cheezy Bacon Burger, the Big Beef BBQ has sliced melted cheese!

5 Classic Roast Beef Burger

The Classic Roast Beef Burger has sliced, tender chunks of roast beef and they don't skimp on the gravy.
Photo by Facebook/Burger Machine Binondo

Price: P64/burger

The Classic Roast Beef Burger is one of the simplest items on the menu, but it is by no means basic in taste. The roast beef is stuffed into a bun with a no-frills beef gravy: no milk or cream, which makes the beef flavor come through stronger and the overall taste rich with beef flavor. The roast beef is also chopped and tender, making this a no-fuss beef sandwich that makes it easy to eat on the go.

6 Ultimate Double Burger

The Ultimate Double Burger is a cheesy bacon burger and a chili con carne burger all stacked into one... well, ultimate burger.
Photo by Camille Georgia Uy

Price: P74/burger

It might be different per branch, but when we asked the branch we got our burgers from, the staff said that the Ultimate Double Burger is one of their best sellers. It's no wonder: for P74, you get a double-decker burger that also has cheese spread, bacon bits, and chili con carne!

7 Club Burger

Burger Machine's take on the classic club sandwich is this hearty Club Burger.
Photo by Camille Georgia Uy

Price: P56/burger

The Club Burger is the other bestseller in the branch we visited. Its "buns" were a little different from the rest of the Burger Machine burgers: instead of the usual burger buns, they use what seems like round loaf bread slices to simulate a classic club sandwich. The "top deck" of this double-decker burger has an egg while the "bottom deck" contains bacon and cheese in addition to the burger patty.

8 Sanzrival

The Sanzrival are great desserts to cap off a hearty Burger Machine meal.
Photo by Camille Georgia Uy

Price: P24/slice. Flavors: Original and Choco Nutty

If you haven't tried their sans rival yet, this is your sign to do so! Burger Machine sells Sanzrival in two flavors: Original and Choco Nutty. It comes frozen and the approximately two-inch square slices are individually packed. The toasted meringue is thicker and looks more like broas than the delicate ones we are used to in classic sans rival cakes, but it is crunchy and melts in your mouth with the buttercream. Trust us: it doesn't look like much, but the Original Sanzrival's buttercream frosting is light and buttery while the chocolate flavor really comes through in the Choco Nutty Sanzrival buttercream.

9 Burger Machine Juices

Price: P19/350-ml bottle. Flavors: Four Seasons, Mango Lychee, Apple Iced Tea

Did you know Burger Machine has its own bottled juices? It comes in three flavors: four seasons, mango lychee, and apple iced tea. While some might find it to be on the sweeter side (which can easily be remedied by the addition of some water or ice), there really is no better way to describe how they taste than each flavor tastes as labeled. Literally, what you read is what you taste. This can be a good thing because while these juices probably aren't freshly squeezed, they taste pretty close to the real thing!


10 Burger Toppings

Can't get enough bacon? You can order more bacon bits for your burger!
Photo by Camille Georgia Uy

If you're feeling adventurous or want your burger to be more satisfying than the basic, you can get the add-ons to any burger that you order! Get extra coleslaw for P12, or an egg, bacon bits, sliced cheese, and chili con carne for P14 each. 



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