Keep Your Cool With Buy-One-Take-One Frosty

If you can't take the heat anymore, this is for you!

The summer months are almost upon us, which means we're already in the mood for ice cream! If you're feeling the same way, Wendy's has your back because they've got a deal you shouldn't miss: Until April 15, buy any size Frosty and get the same size for free.

The Frosty is super thick and rich, almost like a milkshake.
PHOTO BY Wendy's Facebook page

That means that when you buy a regular Frosty, you get another regular Frosty, while buying a Large will get you another Large for free. With how rich and creamy the soft-serve by Wendy's is, we wouldn't be surprised if you'd want to go for seconds.

See a list of Wendy's branches.

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