S&R Has A 1-Liter Pack Of Americano and Hazelnut Coffee For Only P199

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A cup of coffee typically costs more than a hundred bucks, even more if you want it sweetened, with more espresso shots, or use alternative milk options. And if you buy daily or drink more than one cup daily, it's going to cost you your hard-earned money when you can save so much more with ready-to-drink coffee in liters! For those who are a member of S&R Membership Shopping, they have a budget-friendly 1-liter pack of Caffe Bene brewed coffee you'd want to bulk buy on your next grocery run.


The Caffe Bene only costs P199 for a liter of coffee and it's available in two variants: Americano and Hazelnut. We got to try the Americano version and found that it's light with a tinge of sweetness to it, so it's best for coffee drinkers who like a lighter cup of joe. But if you want more flavor to your coffee, then the Hazelnut should do the trick!

These 1-liter coffee packs are served in a big pouch with a spout cap at the tip, so it will be easy to just store it again in your refrigerator after you've opened it. It's also handy to bring in the car or easily hand-carry if commuting without the fear of it spilling all over.

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You can buy Caffe Bene's 1-Liter Americano and Hazelnut (P199/pack) Coffee S&R Membership Shopping.


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