All The Cake Makers You Need to Know for Every Occasion

This is the list you need to bookmark!

Whether you need a cake for a big celebration or just want to indulge in a slice or two, we spill our list of cake suppliers for every possible occasion. Here are 50+ options to choose from: the cakes come in all colors, shapes, and sizes! 



1 Rainbow Cakes

Nothing else is as visually arresting as a multiple tiered cake that comes in the colors of a rainbow. Kids will surely find the treat astounding, while kids at heart—the adults—will appreciate the craftsmanship required to whip up such work. Cakeshop by Sonja (, The Cake Shack (, and Cakes by Miriam ( all make dependable ones, while The Sweet Life by Ange ( offers a total eye candy in their ombre pastel version.



2 Fondant Cakes

There is no such thing as impossible when it comes to fondant cake designs. From cartoon characters to the most exotic animals to even miniature versions of your self, the options are endless when it comes to this cutesy and completely edible cake. The Bunny Baker ( is an absolute expert in this craft, but so are Wynne’s Cake (, Blue Toque (, and Candy Queen Manila (




3 Birthday Cakes

Looking for a budget-friendly creation to make your birthday extra special? You don’t have to spend too much to enjoy a delectable treat. Timeless and always ready to please are Mary Grace (, Costa Brava (, Sugarbee (, and Estrel’s. Even Cake2Go ( and S&R ( have dependable options.  




4 Carrot Cakes

A good carrot cake requires a moist base loaded with good helping of grated carrots and strewn with a chockfull of nuts and even raisins. A good coating of cream cheese is also very much welcome. In Manila, you’ll get that minimum requisite and more from Baker on East (, Flour Jar Manila (, and Gng. Bukid (  




5 Chocolate Cakes

Almost all kinds of chocolate cakes are available in the market—each one offering their own twist on the classic. Wildflour’s Salted Chocolate Cake, Homemade by Roshan’s Millionaire’s Cake, and Christa Manila’s ( Simply Dark Chocolate Cake are always no-fail variants. But if you want to try out the trend of chocolate cakes in tins, check out Le Sucre Lab ( and ChocoLiquorCakes by Maricar (


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6 Red Velvet Cakes

The secret to a good red velvet cake? If it’s not tinted a vibrant red. Every bite should offer subtle chocolaty goodness paired with a nice dollop of cream cheese frosting. Get nothing less from Karen’s Kitchen (, Cupcake Lab (, and Classic Confections ( 



7 Keto-friendly Cakes

Don’t deprive yourself from enjoying a slice of cake even if you’re on the keto diet. You can still enjoy a moist chocolate cake with cream cheese or matcha cheesecake from Gianna’s Cookie Shop ( For buttery marble pound cake and gluten-free raspberry almond cobbler, check out Ketogenic Meal Delivery Service (




8 Drip Cakes

They’re not just pretty to look at; they’re just as tasty to gobble up! Drip cakes have become one of the biggest trends in the dessert world, and for good reason. The Flour Girl (, Happy Pill Desserts (, and Le Petit Souffle ( make their versions excellently. 



9 Alphabet Cakes

Spell out your love with these letter and number cakes. Made with layers of cake or cookie, the cakes come topped with a bevy of tasteful and pretty components. Trust Gourmandise by Sunshine ( to make you a lovely Cookie Napoleon Cake. The Flour Girl (, Mel B. Cake Designs (, and Marie Bakery and Café ( are also good options.


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10 Flower Cakes

Making sugar flowers is an art in itself. The craftsmanship and intricacy devoted to every petal, leaf, and bloom is an absolute sight to behold. For this type of cake, choose trusted suppliers who always deliver: The Delightful Miss Joyce (, AA Cake Design (, Wynne’s Cake (, and Lucille’s (




11 Painted Cakes

You read that right! One of the up-and-coming trends in the local cake scene is hand-painting. The details that go into each masterpiece make the cake too pretty to eat! A great deal of skillfulness is required to give a tier of cake a beautiful layer of coating, and CSL Pastries by Carmela ( and Chef Castillo Fuentes ( are both top picks.



12 Ube Cake

As the country known for introducing ube to the culinary world, the Philippines is brimming with choices when it comes to ube cake. There is the classic chiffon like those by Homemade Treasures ( of Pampanga and Vizco’s of Baguio. There’s also ube brazo by The Rabbit Hole (, ube sans rival by Kitchen’s Best (, and ube leche flan cake by Bellefleur by Beatrix ( For a cake filled and frosted with pure ube jam, Pasteleria Manila ( is your source.



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13 Crepe Cake

The classic French Gâteau Mille Crêpes is made up of layers upon layers of sweet, delicate crepes filled with a sweet spread in between. Nowadays, it comes in various flavors, ranging from cheese to salted caramel. Dessert du Jour ( has been a trusted source for years, but La Creperie ( and Paper Moon Café ( also offer good variants.



14 Mirror Cakes

To describe these cakes as beautiful is an understatement. They’re absolutely magnificent to look at, and watching them being made is in itself an awe-inspiring show. Inside these mirror or glazed cakes are layers of various cakes, fillings, and other sweet components. Turn to Ooh La La by Rebecca Disini ( and Tochi Desserts ( if you want to give it a try.



15 Fruity Cakes

Some people want chocolate and others mocha, but a whole lot also like their cakes strewn with the sweetest, most succulent slices of fruits. You’ll never go wrong with Yulo’s Strawberry Shortcake or Dulcelin’s Mango Torte. Other great options are Tilde’s Lemon Torte (, The Pastry Cart’s Mango Crème Brulee Cake (, and Katey.Qs’s Candied Orange Cake ( 




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