Cara Mia's Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Made With Sans Rival Cookies

IMAGE courtesy of Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato

Your gelato just got sandwiched between crunchy sans rival cookies, and it's delicious. 

Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato, or simply Cara Mia, just launched its newest menu offering together with the opening of its latest branch in Glorietta 4 last October 15. Known for their beautifully decorated cakes and desserts such as the Mango Cream Pie and creamy gelato, their newest gelato concoction is a mix of the two: gelato sandwiches

These are not your ordinary ice cream sandwiches. For one, these are stuffed with three of Cara Mia's best selling flavors: mango cream pie, Ferrero, and pistachio. Two, crunchy meringue cookies or sans rival wafers are used instead of the usual chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies. Finally, when the gelato and the sans rival wafers are put together, the entire sandwich is then dipped in melted chocolate and then rolled in either chopped nuts or crushed pie crumbs. These really are like mini Sans Rival or silvanas but with ice cream instead. Yum! 


Hungry for a taste? Here's what you can expect to get: 

These ice cream sandwiches - mango cream pie, Ferrero, and pistachio - are sans rival cookies stuffed with Cara Mia's delicious gelato.
Photo by courtesy of Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato
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Order the Mango Cream Pie gelato sandwich, and you'll find it's dipped in white chocolate and rolled in crumbs from what would be a pie crust. Creamy yet tangy from the mangoes, this is like eating a mango float freezer cake but in smaller form. The Ferrero gelato sandwich meanwhile is dipped in melted dark chocolate and rolled in chopped almonds and the Pistachio gelato sandwich is coated in white chocolate and rolled in chopped pistachios.  


Each of these gelato sandwiches is available for P150 and are now available in all its branches for both dine-in and take out. It's also available for dine-in only at Cara Mia branches located in Amici branches. 

Visit the Cara Mia website or follow Cara Mia on Facebook and Instagram for more information. 


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