These Colorful Cast Iron Pots Are Priced At 50% Off!

IMAGE Lazada/Carote

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own Dutch oven like those of Le Creuset's? These enameled cast iron pans are famous for their quality but infamous for their price tag-the cheapest Dutch oven they have is worth $155 or a whopping P7,523. If you want an enameled cast iron Dutch oven at home but don't have enough money for a Le Creuset, we found the next best thing: these gorgeous Carote enameled cast iron casseroles.

These Carote casseroles are nonstick and have a nonstick enamel coating in different colors like pastel green, pastel pink, navy blue, and off-white. 

All of Carote's enameled cast iron casseroles are currently being sold with a 50%-52% discount. The mint green casseroles are now priced at P2,267/23-centimeter pot and P2,659 for the 26-centimeter, the pastel pink casseroles are priced at P2,224 and you can score the 23-centimeter pot and the 26-centimeter pot at P2,590 each; the midnight blue casseroles are priced at P2,211/23-centimeter pot and P2,554/26-centimeter pot; while the off-white casseroles are priced at P2,204/23-centimeter pot and P2,571/26-centimeter pot.


Want these Carote enameled cast iron casseroles in your kitchen? Add these to your cart via Carote's LazMall page. You can even get your order shipped for free if you order it now or before March 5. 


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