CCA Manila Now Offers An Agriculture + Entrepreneurship Diploma Program

Do you have dreams of helping Philippine agriculture?

IMAGE Michael Angelo Chua

This pandemic didn't just bring out the potential chefs and bakers in all of us. For some, the pandemic also sparked an interest in urban gardening and we learned to be more concerned with the country's food security. For those who have dreams of helping the Philippines' agricultural state, the Center of Culinary Arts (CCA) Manila is offering a diploma program in Culinary Agripreneurship (that's agriculture combined with entrepreneurship).

Photo by Michael Angelo Chua

In an article by F&B Report, CCA's program is in partnership with two key institutions. The agriculture aspect will be headed by the College of Agriculture and Food Sciences (CAFS) from the University of the Philippines-Los Baños. 

Dr. Barbara L. Caoili, the associate dean for research and extension of the CAFS in University of the Philippines-Los Baños, says that the program will teach students how food is produced from farm to table, how to operate small farms and gardens, and "conceptualize, process, and evaluate food products derived from fruits, vegetables, and small animals."

Photo by Majoy Siason
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For the entrepreneurship side of the program, the University of Asia and the Pacific will share its expertise with its entrepreneurial management (EM) program.

Dr. Eli Santos, the vice dean and EM program director of UA&P, said in the F&B Report that "students can learn how to spot opportunities and contribute within the value chain of the sector." Santos adds the program will teach the students knowledge on business setup and operations.

For more information, visit CCA Manila's official website.

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