CCA Manila Launches Online Culinary School

They teamed up with the world's leading online culinary school, Rouxbe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven a challenge for educational institutions all over the world. With schools across the globe closing their doors, institutions have turned to online learning to bring students educational resources from the safety of their homes. This is true not just for primary and secondary schools, but for practical studies like medicine, hotel management, and various forms of art. The Center for Culinary Arts Manila (CCA) is just one of many educational institutions making  the transition. They teamed up with Rouxbe, the world's leading online culinary school, to provide their students with the resources to practice culinary arts from home.


Rouxbe has been offering online culinary courses since 2005 and they have since trained over 600,000 students with programs recognized by both the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation and by WorldChefs. CCA's collaboration with the online culinary school will allow them to adapt to online instruction and provide students with the necessary resources to practice culinary arts and obtain professional certification without having to attend classroom sessions.

"Our shared goal is to provide an exemplary online experience that will complement and support the overall learning experience," says Rouxbe's Chief Culinary Officer Ken Rubin. "The partnership will allow more people to access instruction-safely, affordably, and with the intention of building foundational cooking techniques."

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CCA Manila's online courses will be conducted through instructional videos.
Photo by CCA Manila

The method of instruction for CCA's virtual classes is primarily focused on videos that will be provided to students through online platforms. Students will be able to hone their cooking skills from home while also receiving quick feedback and tracking learning progress in real-time through an online dashboard. Students will also receive support and mentorship from CCA faculty through live assessments. Owner and CEO of CCA Manila Badjie Trinidad notes that "Aside from culinary students, the Rouxbe platform provides education to at-home chefs, professional chefs, schools, hotels, and food establishments."

Students are also welcome to use the school's kitchen and laboratory facilities should they need them, though health and social distancing protocols must be strictly observed.

Students will have access to real-time learning progress trackers and receive feedback and support from CCA faculty.
Photo by CCA Manila

"Even though the pandemic disrupted the traditional learning in the kitchen, it doesn't prevent us from bringing learning right to your kitchens," says Trinidad. "With CCA Manila's time-tested curriculum, added with fresh insights from Rouxbe's effective online learning, this program would be the most innovative of its kind in the industry right now."

For more information, log on to CCA Manila's website. Enrollment is ongoing and the next course will start on October 26.


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