All The Cebu Delicacies You Should Buy For Pasalubong

Cebu is a go-to destination for its pristine beaches but everyone knows it's also a food destination. Different cities and municipalities in Cebu are known for certain dishes and some have even dedicated fiestas to celebrate specific dishes and delicacies. 

We asked Cebuanos on all the travel-friendly Cebuano delicacies one must buy for pasalubong. Add these on your must-buy list: 

One of the more famous masareal makers is DIdang's Masareal.
Photo by Mathilda Ferdinand Limbaga Erojo

1 Masareal

Masareal is a delicacy made from finely-grounded peanuts and sugar syrup, typically wrapped in paper and tied with twine. Masareal originated in Mandaue City, Cebu and one of the popular shops where you can get masareal is Didang's Masareal in Mandaue City. 

Didang's Masareal is located at Labongon Road, Labongon, Mandaue City, Cebu.

You can also find torta in Cebu's neighboring provinces like Siquijor!
Photo by Bea Faicol
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2 Torta

Torta is a type of bread famous in Argao, a municipality in South Cebu. Some say that torta looks similar to mamon or a cupcake, but what makes this Cebu fiesta-staple different is that it's made with egg yolks, flour, pork lard, sugar, salt, and, in replacement of the yeast, they use fresh tuba or fermented coconut wine. Other versions of torta add sugar, grated cheese, or raisins. In 2011, the municipality of Argao started the La Torta Festival, a feast dedicated to this popular bread, and it takes place every September 28 to 29.

Danggit is best paired with fluffy white rice, vinegar, and fried egg!
Photo by Caselie Casas

3 Danggit

Danggit is sun-dried rabbitfish, a popular dried fish which you can find in Cebu. Although danggit is often associated to be a poor man's food, everyone who has tasted danggit dipped in vinegar and paired with steamed rice will understand why this dried fish is popular and addicting. If you're not familiar with the plethora of dried fish that's available in the Philippines, then you must visit Taboan Cebu's public market where they have baskets and baskets full of different dried fish. 

Taboan Public Market, Cebu City

4 Ampaw

Ampaw is a puffed rice delicacy, similar to the American rice crispies. It is made by drying cooked rice under the sun, deep-frying, and then coating it with a blend of corn syrup and vinegar or kalamansi. This crunchy and sticky popular merienda can be found in Liloan, Cebu.

Pintos are also available in other flavors that add peanuts, cheese, and coconut meat.
Photo by Jacob Jala

5 Pintos

Pintos is Cebu's sweet tamales that can be found in Bogo City. It is made of ground corn mixed with milk, and butter or margarine that are wrapped in corn husks and then boiled for hours. There are other versions of pintos that has peanuts, cheese, and coconut meat. Every May 26, locals of Bogo City celebrate the Pintos Festival to give thanks to their biggest source of income, which is corn.

Snack or ulam? Carcar's meaty chicharon is both!
Photo by Joey Maranan

6 Chicharon

You can find chicharon everywhere in the Philippines, but Carcar in Cebu is one of the places for sinfully good chicharon. Chicharon is made by boiling pork rinds in a pot of water with spices and then boiling it in hot oil. What makes Carcar's famous chicharon distinct is that each piece has meat. You can eat this as a snack or as ulam. Just don't forget the vinegar!

You can find gourmet budbud in Manila, too!
Photo by Budbud - Gourmet Suman official Facebook page

7 Budbud Kabog

Budbud Kabog is a type of kakanin or rice cake that is popular in Catmon, Cebu. This delicacy is made by boiling kabog or millet seeds with coconut milk and sugar, then it is fully wrapped with a banana leaf. Budbud Kabog is commonly paired with a cup of tablea, but some prefer adding sliced sweet yellow mangoes on the side. Every February 10, Catmonanons celebrate the Budbud Kabog Festival.

Otap is a flaky biscuit that melts in the mouth!
Photo by Shamrock

8 Otap

Otap is a Filipino biskwit that is usually made with flour, shortening, coconut, and sugar. It's a brittle, crispy, elongated puff pastry with sugar granules on top. A few of the famous otap makers in Cebu include Shamrock, La Fortuna, and Masterline. 

Shamrock is located at Honoria Paras Bldg., Fuente Osmeña Circle, Cebu; La Fortuna is located at 26 Borromeo Street, Cebu City; and Masterline is located at Unit 6 Saint Patrick Square, Aboitiz Street, Cebu City.

There are chocolate-dipped dried mangoes, too!
Photo by Riell Santos

9 Dried Mangoes

What's a Cebu pasalubong guide without dried mangoes? This popular delicacy is made with slices of Cebu-grown yellow mangoes that are dried out under the sun. You can also find chocolate-dipped dried mangoes that are as delicious as the original versions.  

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