Your Noche Buena's Gonna Look Extra Festive With This Charcute-wreath

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Charcuteries are popular during any special occasion, but for Filipinos who have a four-month-long Christmas season, a charcuterie board has become a staple in most Christmas parties, Noche Buena, and Media Noche. Wine included, of course.

If you're looking for a charcuterie that screams "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!," Charcuterie Box Manila (@charcuterieboxmnl) has a Christmas-special charcuterie offering, wittingly called the "Charcute-wreath" (P4,000) because it's a Christmas wreath and a charcuterie in one.

The Charcute-wreath comes in a 12-inch board (with a handle). You'll find a 4.5-inch container of their signature classic caviar, cream cheese, and lemon wedges, right in the center of the board. Caviar has always been known for its powerful ocean taste, so a squeeze of lemon and the cream cheese makes it more bearable. 

Although you can eat the caviar and cream cheese on its own, this is often served as a spread on crackers. The Charcute-wreath does not come with crackers. According to Jasmine Morales, the owner of the charcuterie business, you can separately order a pack of crackers for P30.


On the sides of the caviar container, you'll find mini skewers of salami milano, gouda, cheddar, olives with pimiento, cherry tomatoes, and grapes. You'll also see some pine needles sticking out on the sides of the board, making it look like a Christmas wreath.

Charcuterie Box Manila's Charcute-wreath costs P4,000 and is good for 8-10 people (appetizer portioning). You can order it here.


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