You Can Save As Much As P3,375 For This Gorgeous Set of Ombre Pink Cookware

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Is the sight of your scratched pots and pans giving you a headache? Maybe it's time you invest in new cookware to bring back that joy of being in the kitchen and the joy of cooking dishes. If you want a more cohesive look for your kitchen, Chef's Classic's Essential Non-stick Cookware set (9 pieces) comes in this gorgeous pink ombre and has an anti-scratch Greblon C3+ non-stick coating.

And the best thing about it? The set is being offered with a whopping 45% discount on Shopee.

Here's what's included in Chef's Classic 9-piece set:

  • - 1 piece 24-centimeter saucepot
  • - 1 piece 24-centimeter saucepot glass lid
  • - 1 piece 20-centimeter saucepot
  • - 1 piece 20-centimeter saucepot glass lid
  • - 1 piece 16-centimeter saucepot
  • - 1 piece 16-centimeter saucepot glass lid
  • - 1 piece suction silicone knob
  • - 24-centimeter frypan with detachable handle

One more thing to love about this collection aside from its aesthetic and discounted price is that Chef's Classics Essentials Non-Stick Cookware Set has detachable knobs so it's stackable if you have a small kitchen space to work with. You can even easily remove the handles of the frying pan and use it in the oven if you don't have bakeware with you! Just remember that the oven-safe parts exclude the lids, handles, and knobs.


Chef's Classic Essential Non-stick Cookware in Pink now costs P4,125 (from an original price of P7,500, save as much as P3,375), but if pink isn't your thing, the set is also available in Gray (P4,500) and Purple (P7,500). These other colors are also available on Shopee!


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