Strawberry Banana "Nice Cream" Exists and Here's How to Make It

It's the perfect summer treat!

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Let's face it: It's the middle of summer and suggestions on ways to keep cool are definitely welcome. That said, what started as research for a recipe to utilize overripe bananas became a portal into the wonderful world of "nice" cream.

Nice cream is a vegan ice cream that's made by blending up frozen bananas into the consistency of soft serve. What this makes is the perfect base for other flavor-enhancing ingredients like peanut butter, chocolate, and other fruits.

With bananas available year-round in our tropical country and strawberries in season now (support Baguio by ordering online!), blitzing up some nice cream with these makes for a truly refreshing pairing. If it means beating the heat with a sweet treat, count us in.

Read on for the recipe, an online shopping list for ingredients, and watch the video to see just how easy it is to make.

How to Make Strawberry Banana Nice Cream


1 cup bananas (sliced and frozen for at least 3 hours)


1/2 cup strawberries (sliced and frozen for at least 3 hours)

2-3 tbsp almond milk (optional)

natural sweetener (optional; I used coco sugar syrup)


1 In a blender or food processor, combine the bananas, strawberries, almond milk if using (to thin out the mixture), and the sweetener if using. 

Blend until smooth.

3 Serve it right away and enjoy that creamy soft serve texture. You can also decant the mixture into a container and freeze it again to make it firmer.

Note: You can add more bananas or lessen the strawberries to get the creamy consistency you prefer.

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Online Shopping List:

1. Bananas: Buy them from Session Groceries or Trader Job

2. Strawberries: Buy them from Session Groceries or Sadiwa

3. Almond Milk: Buy it from BeautyMNL  or The Six Pack Chef Grocery

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