Here's Where To Order Your Chinese New Year Feast

The Chinese New Year is not just a great time to mark the beginning of the lunar year, it's also the perfect time to enjoy good food. There's nothing like a delicious Chinese food feast to usher in prosperity and good vibes. 

If you don't have the time (or the skills) to prepare a feast, you can get help from these restos and home cooks: 

Roast Duck is the New Year treat that will make your spread special.
Photo by Courtesy of Tai Koo Hk Roast

Tai Koo Hk Roast

Nothing makes a Chinese food feast more special than a selection of roast dishes. So, be sure to order their eponymous Hong Kong roast duck! To spare you from so much decision making, you can also order a party package that includes dim sum, noodles, roast duck and vegetables.

How to order?  You can order through Honestbee, Foodpanda or this number: 541-0075

Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie

Tuan Tuan probably has one of the best snow buns out there. Plus, they have a limited time promo that you can get their Barbeque Snow Buns for free if your bill hits P1,000!

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How to order? You can order through Honestbee, Foodpanda or these numbers: 632-7483 or (0915) 500-8026 (Megamall); (0906) 433-2565 (Promenade, Greenhills).

Tip: If ordering for a large group of people, make sure you have a wide scope of flavors. This means ordering a combination of chicken, beef, shrimp, pork, squid and vegetable dishes.  Everyone will appreciate having options.


Yo! Panda

If you're looking for Hong Kong fare that's a break from classics but embraces its Asian flavors, Yo! Panda just might be your thing. Their bulk orders, platters for 10 to 15 persons, range from Spaghetti at P900 to Baked Salmon at P2,300.

How to order? You can order through Foodpanda or this number: (0917) 894-2633


Shi Lin

For authentic Taiwanese cuisine and gorgeous, soupy, delicious xiao long baos, you can't go wrong with Shi Lin.

How to order? You can order through Honestbee, Foodpanda or this number: 477-4108

Tip: Try using Honestbee's group order function! If your whole party wants to order ala carte meals, you don't have to go around asking people's orders one by one anymore.


China Mommy

For truly authentic Chinese cuisine, you can't go wrong by ordering from a real Chinese mom! These home-style dishes are sure to satisfy. 

How to order? You can order through messaging them on Facebook or Instagram. You may also text or call them at (0917) 514-8540.

Luk Yuen

This classic reliable Chinese restaurant surely has your back. Nearly everyone has a memory with Luk Yuen and this coming Chinese New Year is just another chance to make more!

How to order? You can order through Foodpanda.

Tip: When ordering multiple ala carte dishes, make sure that they complement one another. For example, if you're ordering sweet and sour pork, ordering lemon chicken as well might not be ideal as they have similar flavor profiles. Instead, pair it with a salty noodle dish like beef Hao Fan.

Wu's Kitchen

What's more fitting to celebrate the coming of the Year of the Pig than ordering a whole suckling pig? You can get those impressive roasts here. For a limited time, they'll also throw in free tikoy!


How to order? You can order through their numbers: 638-2708 or (0945) 431-6585

Ley's Kitchen

If your favorite dish in the world is crab but you are painfully aware of how expensive it is, special occasions are those rare days you get to order it. If you're looking for a crab fix, then these guys have your back.


How to order? You can call or text them at (0917) 848-6889.

There's nothing like good food shared with the people you love. What's delicious is made even more delicious with the right company. With another long year ahead, being surrounded by the people you care about, that's enough reason to celebrate.


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