Food Finds: Lots and Lots of Chocolate!

Chocolate lovers, you have to try these!

Rock that chocolate obsession by stocking up your pantry with these new chocolate food finds! 



1 Dark Chocolate Mocha from Swiss Miss


Hot chocolate is perfect for a weeknight wind-down. Thrown in extra mini marshmallows to make your drink even more fun! 



2 Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Risa Chocolates


It's impossible to have only one of these! The salt is in the chocolate, making every bite irresistible.



3 Dark Chocolate Wine Ice Cream from Super Scoops


There is no actual wine in this healthy ice cream. The chocolate flavor is so intense that it imparts a wine-like taste in the ice cream! 



4 Cacao Iced Tea from Southern Folk


This iced tea is refreshingly delicious! It's light sweetness is complimented by the soft notes of cacao. 



Photos originally from Swiss Miss, Risa Chocolates. Super Scoops Ice Cream, and Southern Folk

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