This Chocolate Cake With Leche Flan Is NOT For Sharing!

IMAGE Majoy Siason-Basco

GOOD FOOD ALERT! Tilde is a spot in Poblacion, Makati where you can find scrumptious carrot cheesecake, bittersweet champorado cookies, and kesong puti with guava toast. Tilde is actually underrated for what they offer and the return of their Choco Flan or Impossible Cake further strengthens our appreciation for this quiet little café.

What you need to know

Tilde's Impossible Cake is a combination of a chocolate cake as its foundation and a layer of silky leche flan on top. According to an Instagram post from Tilde, this is their ode to the Mexican Torta Imposible-also known as a chocoflan. It's coined as the impossible cake because it somehow defies the logic of baking.

The Choco Flan or Impossible Cake comes in a small size, which is a clear indication, at least, for us, that it's only good for one person. Unless you're stuffed after indulging in Tilde's all-day breakfast menu can we ever consider the Choco Flan or Impossible Cake good for sharing.  

Look how dense that chocolate cake is!
Photo by Majoy Siason-Basco
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What we love about it

What we love about Tilde's Choco Flan or Impossible Cake is combines two well-loved Filipino desserts in one. The leche flan is silky and light, while the layer of chocolate cake is moist and fudgy, which can also be because of the caramelized syrup that trickles down from the leche flan. Surprisingly, despite the fact that chocolate cake and leche flan are known to be sweet on its own, these two layers don't overpower each other in texture and in flavors.


The Choco Flan or Impossible Cake is best paired with a cup of coffee with a not-so-sweet blend. You can also pair it with Tilde's Frozen Hot Chocolate, if you choose to dine in at Tilde and have that much-deserved me-time.

Where you can get it

You can get Tilde's Choco Flan or Impossible Cake (P200) at their physical shop located at 5417 Matilde, Poblacion, Makati City. Please make sure to message Tilde's Instagram or call them before heading over to the shop to make sure that the Choco Flan or Impossible Cake is available. 

For more information, follow Tilde on Facebook and Instagram. Call Tilde at (02) 771-2764.

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