5 Delicious Ways to Have Chocolate for Breakfast

Because you can!



Breakfast is usually a hurried affair. Make morning meals more delicious by incorporating chocolate in your pancakes, French toast, or the well-loved champorado. Because who doesn't want to have chocolate for breakfast?


Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pancakes

We'd wake up to choco chip and syrup-topped pancakes.



Dark Chocolate Champorado

Just add dark chocolate in your bowl of champorado.


Chocolate Meringue Pancakes

Meringue for breakfast sounds like a good idea!


Choco Nutty Banana French Toast

French toast gets a boost of flavors from the chocolate peanut butter spread.



Dark Hot Cocoa Mix

Easy-to-do, comforting, and filled with chocolate flavors you love!


CLICK HERE for more CHOCOLATE recipes.


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