You Can Eat As Much Of This Chocolate Spread As You Want Without Feeling Guilty!

You can use this on bread, fruits, and with ice cream, too!

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It's always a great feeling when you can indulge in chocolate without feeling an ounce of guilt, and thankfully, vegan chocolate spread exists. If you're looking for good-for-you chocolate spreads to add to your pantry, S&R Membership Shopping has a selection of vegan-friendly chocolate spreads you can try.

You can find Nusco, a palm oil-free and vegan hazelnut chocolate spread at S&R Membership Shopping. S&R also carries La Vida Vegan spreads that come in dark chocolate and hazelnut chocolate flavors. You can eat it on its own or use it on bread, crackers, and pancakes, and have it with fruits (like bananas!), ice cream, or, even coffee. 

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All three of these chocolate spreads are made by Brinkers, a company based in Holland, Netherlands, known for conventional and organic chocolate spreads.


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